About Us

Advanced Recycling Techniques, LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Delaware, serving the Tri-state region for 7 years. We are a neutral representative for consumers and producers of recyclable materials. Our goal is to provide a consolidated waste stream design, maximizing recycling efforts and minimizing waste related costs. Stewardship, sustainability and exceptional service to our clients is our top priority.

Our management team prides itself on sourcing and delivering quality materials for our clients. We have helped both small businesses and corporations increase their recycling efforts by reducing their overall waste burden on the environment.

Nichole, Chief Director- Business Development


Nichole steadfastly founded the company after learning how many recyclable materials were ending up in landfills. She began recycling polyurethane foam into carpet padding and then grew to include more widely recycled items. After operating within this niche for 2 years she expanded the business model to a comprehensive waste service approach. Her goal is to treat the waste stream as a whole, recycling at the source, so waste is efficiently handled from the moment it is generated. In addition to guiding this woman owned company, she is a first-generation business owner, and first-generation college graduate in her family. She has traveled America extensively throughout the past decade and has witnessed the unwavering beauty of the National Parks. She served in Americorps Cape Cod where she was assigned to The Red Cross developing peninsula wide emergency preparedness programs. Her ambition is to help people understand the value of “wasted” materials, the impact of recycling and to preserve the planet.

Robert, Director- Market Development

Robert has worked in the recycling industry for 9 years. He began his career at Capitol Fiber, Inc. a Canusa company located in Springfield Virginia. As General Manager of Capitol he was responsible for all operational aspects including management, production, procurement, sales, safety, and quality.  He also participated in the acquisition of the company when it was purchased by the largest waste hauler in north America. During his career, he has built, developed and operated multiple facilities in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Currently Robert develops green programs for companies to efficiently increase recycling and maximize landfill diversion. He holds a Master of Business Administration from Bethel College Indiana. His passion is to be a steward to the earth and to educate clients about the value of recycling.

 "  Think  globally, Act  locally "